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I am available for any kind of production sound. I take pride in my work and always strive to do the best that I can, bringing with me years of experience in a diverse array of projects, a great work ethic, and the best equipment available. I also speak French fluently, which has come in handy a number of times when working abroad or when international clients are working in town.

When the opportunity presents itself, I bring out my custom, one of a kind Neve mixer, which has an incredible history in film and television of its own. Customized by the most innovative people in the business, and used by a legendary Sound Mixer, this sound board is well known and often talked about by professionals of note. The sound quality that this mixer produces is beyond what is available in todays digital mixers and field recorders, not only in terms of how clean the signal is, but the dimension and robustness of the sound is only something that could come from a top-class analog sound board. Set in front of my top-of-the-line Sound Devices 788T field recorder, it produces a winning combination of sonic quality that is equal to none.

When I need to be more portable, I have my trusty sound bag to go where the sound cart cannot. The Sound Devices 633 offers a versatile bag mixer with multi-track recording of excellent quality. It is also very reliable, so it won’t fail under harsh conditions. Paired with my diverse collection of high end microphones and wireless systems, this portable mixing/recording solution is a great studio to-go.

Both Sound Devices machines offer pristine quality, stable Time Code, multi-track recording, and versatile routing options, not to mention the ruggedness to endure extreme weather conditions, and multiple drive recording for reliable backups.

Multiple Smart Slates, Lockit Boxes, Camera Hops and IFB make for a package ready for any sized production. Your post team will be happy that everything is in sync, so they don’t have to waste your money on tediously hand-syncing sound and picture. Lots of Comteks (IFB) means that any number of clients or key crew (Directors, Producers, Script Supervisors, etc. ) can have ears on set and be sure that all lines are delivered to the specifications of the script and vision of the Director.

My microphone collection is of the best quality, with multiples, and different models for precision and diversity. When wireless lavs are unable to do the job due to environmental or creative issues, a planted mic on set or a boom overhead will always get you what you need. With the excellent Boom Operators that I have at hand, the sound that I can deliver will be formidable. When lavs are in order, my transmitters are compact, high power, amazing quality, and can run all day on a single set of AAs. The lavaliere mics in my collection were chosen for their quality, and ability to be discretely hidden on the talent, or neatly clipped on for an exposed look without compromising the quality by clothing rustle, wind, or being muffled by wardrobe.

I also have a large collection of specialty mics and support equipment for different recording needs. I have Schoeps mics and wind protection ready for stereo recordings in M/S, A/B, X/Y and ORTF. I can also record in Ambisonic and Surround formats for VR and any other kind of immersive experience. Sound FX, Ambiance, and Perspective recordings are always a treat, and I’m always up for the task.

My experience and services are not limited to sound for picture or video production. I also have a lot of mics and equipment more suited to music recording, or live broadcast and events. Musical artists enjoy the benefits of my knowledge of vintage and modern recording techniques, as well as period equipment to get their desired sound. Mobile Voice Over recording is sometimes necessary, and I am well versed in setting up vocal booths on site to get good clean recordings.

I can also offer real period recordings for contemporary projects. I own a number of different Nagra tape machines, access to plenty of new tape stock, and vintage microphones to get really wonderful, full sounding analog recordings. This kind of setup can easily be added to my modern cart so that all digital tracks are simultaneously recorded along with the mix on tape.

Let’s not forget that I come from a background in post production, so I can be absolutely sure to get you what your post sound people will need. Put me in touch with them ahead of time so that we are on the same page! I speak their language, so there should be no disconnect. I can also recommend great post people and composers that I have a long working relationship with. Being Pro-Tools certified myself, I know exactly what takes will and will not be usable, and I’m not afraid to speak up and make sure that we get what we need.

Speaking of Pro-Tools, I keep a Pro-Tools playback system at hand for when a musical number needs a playback engineer. I can do playback with Time Code, count offs, different speeds, and thump tracks. Let me know what your needs are and I can accommodate!

I can also provide consultation, measurement, analysis, or scientific work for inspections and compliances.

I am available for whatever you need, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.