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Here are some production I’ve worked on:

Feature Films

Christmas Bloody Christmas – Channel 83 Films
Trees of Peace – Trees of Peace, LLC
Amazing Grace – 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks
La Gran Promesa – Enlighten Me, INC
Stars 80, La Suite – Barnstormer Production Corp.
Worthless – Fernside Productions
Know Your Enemy – The Malt Shop
My Experience – Tranquillibrium Entertainment
The Onania Club – Six Entertainment Company
Dirty 30 – Michael Goldfine Productions
The Watcher – 21st St Films/MarVista Entertainment
Distortion – Stagecraft Productions, LLC
96 Souls – Stanley Jacobs Productions, LTD.
Where Children Play – Turning Point Pictures
Nobody Walks in L.A. – Broken Time Entertainment
Light Girls – Duke Media/OWN
ADDicted – Lighting in a Bottle, LLC
Unfriended – Blumhouse Productions
Bereave – Bereave, LLC
We Go On – Filmed Imagination
True Blues (Blues Documentary & CD) – Spoonbread, LLC
P-51 Dragon Fighter – Archstone Pictures
Coffee, Kill Boss – Marchall Van Dutton Media
Pester – Eric Gerber Films
Simple Being – Hornil Brothers/SB Productions
The Big Bad City – Cenzo Media
Ancient Tomorrow – Higher Earth Entertainment
Four of Hearts – Mill Road Media
Destiny Trail – The McMac Co.
Lola’s Love Shack – Migrant Filmworks
Leaving Limbo – Bridgestone Media
The Wicked Within – High Five Films
Pirate Jenny – Blue Light Movie Group
Operation Terror – Arthur Olivier Productions
Mont RĂªve – Cose Nostre Productions
100,000 Zombie Heads – La Boca Productions, LLC
Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick – La Boca Productions, LLC
The Shadows of Ants – Paul Thomas Davis
Fat City, New Orleans – Stephen Mouton
The Golden Veil – Golden Veil USA
Three Times a Charm – DAVED Productions
Brando Unauthorized – Amadeus Pictures

TV Shows

13 Reasons Why – Netflix
The Lincoln Project – Showtime
First Blood – A&E
American Experience – PBS
Race: Bubba Wallace – Netflix
Level Playing Field – HBO
Extraordinary Twins – ITV
Hot and Heavy – TLC
Hometown – Dish Network
Love After Lockup – We TV
Nasha Amerikanskaya Istoriya – Current Time TV
Accident, Suicide, or Murder – Oxygen
Best Places to Pig Out – Travel Channel
The Loving Generation – Truth Aid
Ultimate Beastmasters – Netflix
White Flight – Comedy Central
Betrayed – ID
Chris Brown, Welcome to my Life – Netflix
Gone: A Wayward Pines Story – Fox
Dimension 404 – Hulu
Maximum Ride – Netflix
Live to Tell – History
O.J. Speaks, The Hidden Tapes – A&E
Coming to the Stage – Comedy Central
Island Hunters – HGTV
Extreme Cheapskates – TLC
Untying the Knot – Bravo
Momsters with Roseanne Barr – ID
Sequestered – Hulu
God, Guns & Automobiles – History
StuntBusters – Speed
Known Universe – NatGeo
Lives on Fire – OWN/BBC
History Detectives – PBS
Car Science – Speed
Sport Science – ESPN
Sketchy – Yahoo!
The Real Designing Women – HGTV
House Hunters – HGTV
Suite7 – Lifetime
Pit Bulls & Parolees – Animal Planet/Discovery
Haunted Highway – Syfy
UFC Ultimate Insider – Fuel
Killer Kids – Bio
Mystery Diners – Food
Deep South Paranormal – Syfy